In this new collection of audio-commentaries, Y-Press journalists offer a range of stories about the Clinton and Obama primary campaigns: Clinton’s support of the DREAM Act, how Clinton is “cool,” Obama and gas prices, Obama’s comments on domestic violence, and the struggle to land interviews with the candidates .  Generation PRX has made these audio pieces available to public radio stations across the country.

Becky Mangan
Clinton reporter notebook: Immigrant youth

Becky Mangan talks about the challenges illegal immigrant youth face to obtain a college education and Clinton's support for the DREAM Act. Becky has a personal connection to immigration since her mom came the US as an immigrant many years ago. 
Millie Cripe
Clinton reporter notebook: Clinton's cool factor

With organizations like Rock the Vote and high profile presidential candidates, it seems politics may be on the verge of becoming "cool." Sen. Barack Obama has a lot of appeal with youth today----he's energetic, hip, and has a strong message of hope. Fifteen-year-old Millie Cripe takes a closer look at Sen. Hillary Clinton and decides that she's a different type of cool. 
Paul Winston
Obama reporter notebook: Gas prices

It's the day most teenagers cannot wait to finally arrive—getting a driver's license and hitting the road. With gas prices on the rise, however, the American rite of passage is now bittersweet. Sixteen-year-old Paul Winston wonders if Sen. Barack Obama can do anything about the pain at the pump. 

Sarah Zabel
Obama reporter notebook: Domestic violence
Each year about 3 million women suffer abuse form a husband or boyfriend. Oftentimes this is a silent problem, but Sarah has witnessed it firsthand while volunteering at local domestic violence shelter. Sarah reflects on Sen. Barack Obama comments on this "quiet crisis," and hopes he can keep attention focused.   
Jordan Denari
Clinton/Obama reporter notebook: Just one question

Y-Press has been involved in political reporting since 1992 when it attended its first political conventions. Scoring some "big" interviews in the past, this year it is a different story. Working since October and submitting multiple requests, Obama's campaign schedulers just couldn't find time in his hectic schedule. Jordan shares the struggle of the quest and the pay off when finally asking one question. 



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